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Welcome to Wilmington, NC, a blend of coastal and urban living, where Herrington Classic Homes create exceptional residences embodying the city’s essence. Celebrated for the Azalea Festival and as ‘Hollywood East,’ Wilmington thrives with cultural events, arts, and a unique culinary scene. From boutique shopping to beach and riverfront activities, living here means experiencing a rich history, modern conveniences, and community spirit.

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Top Spots & Communities

Local Beaches

Surrounded by stunning beaches, our homes will offer you a gateway to the best of coastal living. Immerse yourself in Wrightsville Beach’s clear waters and active lifestyle, savor the vintage charm and vibrant atmosphere of Carolina Beach, find tranquility on the serene shores of Kure Beach, or explore the untouched natural beauty of Masonboro Island, accessible only by boat. Each beach presents a unique blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and community vibes, ensuring that life in Wilmington is not just about the place you call home but also about the rich, diverse experiences and picturesque settings you can enjoy every day.



Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina over the coast at dusk. Think of this as an amenity extension of your backyard.

Diverse Dining

Whether you’re craving the comfort of Southern classics, the zest of international flavors, or the simplicity of artisanal bites, Wilmington’s dining landscape promises an enriching journey for your taste buds. Food enthusiasts can relish in a variety of culinary experiences, ranging from casual, beach-front eateries serving up the day’s catch to upscale establishments offering farm-to-table delicacies. There’s also the option of strolling along the Riverwalk, delving into the historic downtown scene, and discovering charming cafes, bustling bistros, and elegant restaurants nestled in beautifully restored buildings. The options are endless.

Wilmington is a port city in and the county seat of New Hanover County in coastal southeastern North Carolina, fine dining and food choices for everyone.

& More!

Wilmington, North Carolina, is a city brimming with amenities and attractions beyond its renowned beaches and dining scene. The Wilmington International Airport enhances connectivity, while local farmers markets celebrate community and sustainability with fresh, local produce and artisanal goods. The city thrives culturally, with art galleries, museums, and venues like Thalian Hall offering diverse performances. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore numerous parks and gardens, such as Airlie Gardens and the New Hanover County Arboretum. Additionally, Wilmington’s business environment and educational opportunities, including those at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, contribute to a vibrant, well-rounded lifestyle, making it an attractive destination for residents and visitors alike.

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA historic churches and downtown viewed from above. One of southern livings top places to live.