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Energy Saving Building Standards:

  • 15 S.E.E.R electric heating and cooling system
  • High performance vinyl tilt-in windows with grids and screens
  • Energy efficient house wrap weatherization system
  • R-38 cellulose ceiling installation with all penetrations sealed
  • R-30 fiberglass batts slope ceiling installation
  • R-19 fiberglass batts exterior wall insulation
  • Energy efficient hot water heating
  • Ridge and soffit attic ventilation system
  • Minimum HERS Rating of 65, which means homes built by Herrington Homes are 35% more energy efficient than a standard new home.  Learn more about HERS rating below on this page (under High Performance Homes).
  • Proud members of the following organizations:
  • National Association of Home Builders (Certified Green Professional)
  • Cape Fear Green Building Alliance

Herrington Homes are built "green" both for the good of the environment and for homeowner energy efficiencies.  Each of our homes are built to exceed the building code, as well as adhering to the High Efficiency Residential Option, also known as the HERO code.  A unique feature of obtaining the HERS rating is that in addition to regular building code inspections, your Herrington Home will be inspected at least 3 additional times during construction by a third party consultant to verify compliance with specific features that directly affect your homes' energy efficiency.

Your Herrington Home will come with increased comfort levels, a healthier atmosphere, and greater savings on your energy bills...guaranteed by Duke Energy for 3 years.

A "Whole Home" energy score according to the HERS Index will be issued for your home.  Your home is built on an energy efficient raised concrete slab with foundation walls insulated with 2" R-l0 foam insulation.  All exterior stud walls will be 2 X 6 studs - 24" on center to allow for more efficient wall insulation and reduction of heat transfer through walls.  We also have special details for corners, headers and T joints to accommodate insulation and reduce thermal transfer.  We seal the exterior sheathing joints to reduce air infiltration.  We have open web floor trusses for the second floor. This provides for a stronger floor system with less deflection and ability to have most of the ductwork in conditioned space.   We add foil backed radiant barrier roof sheathing to reduce thermal heat transfer through the roof. This results in a cooler attic.  Your windows and doors have an enhanced U-factor and solar heat gain ratings for glazing.  This means less heat transfer.  We increase the insulation values in walls  to R-19, ceilings and attic areas to R-38.  We seal the top of sill plates, mud sills and building envelope penetrations.   All insulation is installed to RESNET Grade 1 levels, which is the Highest grade possible.  We install all the HVAC ductwork in conditioned airspace (where possible) and 15 SEER ratings on HVAC systems.  We test all of the ductwork to insure duct integrity and blower door testing to insure air leakage requirements have been met.  All of our light bulbs are CFL bulbs.  We install Energy Star dishwashers.  We also install hybrid heat pump water heaters, that are some of the most energy efficient hot water heaters made.  

The benefit to you as a Herrington Homes customer will be a truly unique energy efficient home that no one else is building in our market. We are leaders in our market with these improvements and our homes will lead the market in sales and value to our homeowners.

High Performance Homes

Your Herrington Home offers peace of mind knowing your new home is helping to minimize your environmental footprint while saving energy, too! Reduced energy consumption actually makes your High Performance Home less expensive to own.

High Performance Homes are:

Comfortable: Built to maintain a comfortable temperature in all seasons, and properly constructed to avoid drafts.

Energy Efficient: Built to standards of efficient energy consumption.

Durable:  Constructed to hold its energy efficiency properties for decades minimizing condensation, nail pops, cracks in drywall or caulk.

Healthy:  Constructed to ensure healthy air quality.

Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

The HERS® Index is a scoring system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET®) that measures the energy performance of a home, and it is used to compare the relative energy efficiency of different homes. The lower your home’s HERS Index, the more energy efficient it is.

While all homes have walls, a roof and a heating and cooling system, they don't al perform the same.  A High Performance Home is one where we have worked with the HERS rater to ensure all mechanical, structural thermal, plumbing and electrical systems are working together to operate at peak performance.  Each home is computer modeled, inspected and tested to create comfortable, energy efficient, healthy and durable spaces.  Herrington Home allows you to live more comfortably, invest your housing dollars more wisely and it helps the environment – all of which can make your High Performance Home easier to resell.